Local SEO: Tips For Ranking In The Map Pack

Google is constantly updating their search result rankings and has now started to prioritise local results before organic search results. This means that your business needs to be able to top the snack pack rankings (Google is now showing only 3 local listings down from the previous 7 pack) to be seen first. Local SEO has become even more important since Google decreased the number of results shown initially from seven to three.

Review Your NAP Data

NAP data also referred to as NAPW data consists of 7 pieces of information that you need to have and keep consistent. This data is how the search engines will categorise business information across the internet. The information that you need is:

  1. the name your business is trading under (N)
  2. the physical address (A)
  3. the local phone number (P)
  4. an email address,
  5. a link to the landing page of your business website (W)
  6. categories your business operates in and
  7. a description.

Open A Google My Business Account

A My Business account connects your business to some different Google products. The most important one for businesses is Google Maps which is where the local rankings are generated. When you create and connect your My Business account, you need to ensure that all the NAP information is correct and that it is consistent for various locations.

Create Consistent Local Citations

A local citation is the listing for your business in local online directories. These directories will not have links to your website, so the only way that Google can assign the reference to your business is through your NAP data. If the NAP data you have provided on Google differs to the local directories, they will not be assigned to you. It is important to remember that a natural local citation profile will take the time to build, but will be worth the effort for the rankings.

Optimise Your Site For Your Location

While this might seem like common sense, there are many business owners who optimize their business for the wrong location. If your SEO is focused on a location that differs to your physical location, you will not rank in your local snack pack. In these cases, you are also unlikely to rank in the local snack pack of the location your website is optimized too.

Do Not Neglect Keywords In Your Description

The description that you provide for your NAP data should have keywords related to your business, but they should appear naturally in the wording. The categories location of your NAP data should also have service keywords such as breakfast but try to include local keywords as well.

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